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Enrichment - KONGS

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What difference can it really make?"is a question we hear all the time. So let us tell you! Encouraging animals to engage in natural behaviors eases stress & decreases boredom. Why is that important?

  • Bored shelter pets can cause damage to cages/kennels, damage to themselves with obsessive behaviors (paw licking for example), and are so mentally fried that they often display behaviors that are worrying to potential adopters coming to visit them (barking, spinning, toy destruction, etc). Of course that can lead to them not getting adopted, and spending even MORE time in the shelter.
  • Stress lowers the immune system. The pets in shelters are already more likely to come down with ailments/illness just due to the shear number of animals being housed in a single location. Put stress in that equation and it can lead to disaster - costly treatments, missed adoption chances, and in shelters were incoming animals are showing up every day, space becomes an issue and those animals who are sick (costly) can often be the first on the list to be put to sleep. 
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Location: 1244 North Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ 08360