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Community Corps - SHAPE (Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education)



SHAPE is a program of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE) in partnership with the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University that teaches a facilitation-based comprehensive sexual health curriculum at local Providence high schools. SHAPE strives to create an environment in which high school students can engage in accurate, authentic, and honest conversations about sexuality and sexual health. Through SHAPE, Brown volunteers facilitate workshops where students can learn about and discuss topics related to sexual health and sexuality in an open setting. SHAPE is composed of two different curriculums: SHAPE 1 and SHAPE 2. Each of these sub-programs is described below.

SHAPE 1 Overview

SHAPE 1 is an eight-week introductory course in sexual and reproductive health that covers topics including anatomy and physiology, contraception, STIs, and sexual health decision-making. All workshops actively promote student participation and communication in addition to a broader emphasis on healthy relationships.

SHAPE 2 Overview

SHAPE 2 is an eight-week more advanced/in-depth course for advisories that have completed SHAPE 1. SHAPE 2 encourages students to think critically about social and cultural norms surrounding sexual identity.  How are our sexual identities and sexual health decisions shaped by our local communities and by broader social scripts? By exploring these questions, students are able to contextualize the sexual health information and strategies they acquired in SHAPE 1. SHAPE 2 topics include a review of SHAPE 1 topics, gender and sex, sexual orientation, communication and consent, technology and relationships, as well as sex in the media.

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