Founded in 1967 by local citizens, the Athens Community Council on Aging, a non-profit organization, aims to maintain and enrich the lives of older persons in 27 counties of Northeast and Eastern Georgia. Our key service areas include providing meals, health and wellness programs, and caregiver support.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please navigate to our webpage
here and complete the volunteer registration form and background check. With your help, we can make sure no senior is left behind! 

After you apply to become a volunteer and send in your background check, you'll be added to our volunteer database and be granted permissions to sign up for all our volunteer opportunities that will be hosted right here on GivePulse. You can sign up on your schedule, and find others in your community that are also serving those in need. 

We host many yearly events that do not require a full volunteer sign up as well! Those can be found here, and through our newsletter when those events arise. 
Sustainable Development Goals
391 People | 521 Impacts | 1,040 Hours | 28,287 Total Economic Impact

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