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Partners for Real Change (PARC) is a voluntary non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mandate to empower marginalized and vulnerable communities in Uganda. As a child focused charity, it is a unique force demonstrating that everyone can contribute to the realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

PARC's mission is to be the catalyst for the global community involvement in transformation of marginalized and overlooked regions of Africa. We envision is a world of equal opportunity where children live and grow without barriers and suffering regardless of race, ethnicity, location or socioeconomic status.

We believe that empowering children to become leaders can facilitate and sustain transformation of their communities. PARC's commitment is connecting vulnerable children to socio-health and economic opportunities otherwise unattainable - better preparing them for the professional world. The organization works on projects under three thematic areas (Education, Health and Sustainability) that have potential to create the greatest positive impact to the lives of young people (children and youth), women, and the entire community. For more information about the organization and its work visit the website

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