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FRINQ: Migration & Belonging


CourseUNST 147B: FRINQ: Migration & Belonging - M/W 4:00-5:15, (13886)

The movement of people across borders is a central political and cultural issue throughout the world. In North and South, East and West, the issue of immigration, migration, and belonging (IMB) is a controversial one. Although most of us are aware of the mobility of goods and capital in a global economy, we tend to be less aware that the mobility of labor too is an integral part of the global economic system, or that most migration takes place not between North and South, but within the South. We also tend to forget that the movement of people, both as workers and as refugees, is not a new phenomenon. We also lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of the world's populations, including in the poorest countries, do not migrate across international borders.

Population mobility across international borders and the resultant transnational communities thus raise questions about the official “histories” of immigration for each nation state, the meanings of borders, the nature of belonging, identity, and culture and their relationship to politics, and the realities of multiculturalism even in places that think of themselves as monocultural. These important historical, cultural, and ontological questions about immigration, migration, and belonging (IMB) will frame our yearlong discussions and will inform formal academic research assignments and community-based learning projects and actions.

(Fall 2019 Traditional - Placement)
Semester:Fall 2019
CausesAdvocacy At-Risk Youth Children & Youth Community Education Human Rights Immigrants & Refugees International Marginalized Populations Race & Ethnicity
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