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Summer STEAM 2015



Our summer STEAM Camp is weeklong event that transitions STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math) with the incorporation of the Arts into an existing informal educational model used to enhance K-12 education in an out-of-school program – a day camp experience for 60 children.  This camp infuses Art into engaging activities and pointed educational modules designed to teach 4th - 6th grade campers how the STEAM fields work together to help “Imagine, Create and Innovate” (the 2015 camp theme)  ideas to improve “Our Beautiful World” (the 2014 camp theme).  We also work to show how these fields can influence the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  The modules span over four days and the themes were integrated into a final group project where each group creates a balanced, self-sustaining community on the template of an island that was provided.  Our long-term goal includes working to better understand how to improve the efficacy of informal environmental education for students through after-school activities and summer camps.

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11 People | 17 Impacts | 164 Hours