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City of Fayetteville Trail Trekkers



The City of Fayetteville has more than 40 miles of shared-use paved trail which are used by thousands of people every day. Keeping the trails safe, clean and well maintained is a big job and we need your help. 
Become a Trail Trekker and you can do you part to keep these wonderful trails enjoyable for everyone. The best part is, you can volunteer while you're out enjoying the trails at any time on any day. 

Responsibilities Include: 
  • Supply directions, maps, and information
  • Encourage compliance with trail rules and etiquette
  • Report and/or perform light trail maintenance
  • Assist with first-aid needs
  • Assist with minor bicycle repair
  • Cooperate with the Fayetteville Police Department if the need arises
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37 People | 26 Impacts | 51 Hours