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Delta Tau Delta- Nu Colony-Lafayette College


Delta Tau Delta is a values-based organization dedicated to Truth, Courage, Faith and Power that gives men the skills and support needed to answer the call to excellence.

All Delt men live by a common mission: "Committed to Lives of Excellence." We guide men through our programs and our values so that they will have the confidence and tools to serve their fellow man.

All members of Delta Tau Delta live by the fundamental principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power

Truth is vital in the relationship between an organization and the outside world. If an organization cannot be trusted, it will perish. Truth begins within the organization. To truly become brothers, men must be truthful to themselves and to one another. They must hold one another accountable.

Courage takes heart. Those who are courageous thrive. As you navigate through life, you will be confronted with many difficult decisions. Courage helps a leader understand the best option and take it, regardless of the popularity of that choice. Courage has a distinct relationship with truth. One must know the truth to stand for it.

Faith is belief. Faith grows, develops and changes. It means trusting yourself and believing your actions are appropriate. Faith will help you trust decisions you make and believe that given information is correct. A lack of faith drives a wedge through an organization and friendships.

Power begins as inner strength. Power is a combination of talents and inherent abilities and wisdom. Through united individuals, we can do so much more as a brotherhood than we can alone. The power of an organization, when combined with courage, faith, and truth, leads us into the future and ensures success.

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