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Portland State University

Lydia Rollo

This day at Rigler went really well! I have been trying to apply more of the readings, theories, and discussions from the CAPSTONE class to my time at the school. Specifically, I have been trying to keep in mind the different personality types and how certain behaviors may reflect a misalignment between teaching styles and a student's personality. I notice that there are some students who do better in class when given regular, positive feedback. There are other students that when pointing out how well they are doing appear shy or uncomfortable and may even stop what they are doing. The longer I am in these classes, the better I know the students and I can modify my interactions with each of them to best suit their needs.

I also spend an hour in one of the kindergarten classrooms. I find that I really enjoy working with these really young students. It was really great to see how the teacher incorporated seamlessly both English and Spanish into the students' activities. It was also interesting to see how classroom management changes between the gym and the classroom. I am looking forward to being able to go into more classes and see different teaching styles over the next few weeks.

Gave 4.00 hours between 02/12/2020 and 02/13/2020 with Portland State University, UNST 421: CAP: Leadership & Mentoring 44165
Elizabeth Buliga

Elizabeth @ Banks public library

Shelving adult novels!

Gave 1.30 hours on 02/12/2020 with Portland State University, PSU School of Business Honors Program
Courtney Veed

This was not only a fun experience that brought up great conversation that evening and for days to come about childhood books and memories, but also about social justice and educational equity. I will definitely try to go back as often as I can and look for other ways to give back to the Book Bank and SALP @ PSU too.

Gave 3.50 hours on 02/11/2020 with Portland State University
Jasmine Graham
Emily Medica
Cynthia Villanueva-Varga