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Texas Senior Games 2019

Mason Rios
Olivia Thomas

I had another great day volunteering at the Texas Senior Games. My job on the second day was a bit more involved. I was the scorekeeper/bookkeeper for court 1. There were games back to back non-stop and I was paired with Pam the kind Trinity grad who I had met the day before and she was changing the visual flag board, while I updated her on the score. It was a bit tricky the first game to get the hang of things because the referee had a certain way she wanted me to tally points and since things move so fast in volleyball you have to pay constant attention to who is serving and what team gets what point. However, after the first game I got the hang of recording the scores and paying close attention to the game.

I really enjoyed being able to play a critical role in helping keep score, but also getting to watch the men play volleyball at the same time. I encountered the same friendliness from the participants as the day before, most of the guys were 50-70 years old and very nice and funny. Many had been playing volleyball since college and they were very appreciative to all the volunteers who were there to help out. I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at the two Texas Senior Games and I want to continue volunteering at more of their events in the future because I got recommendations from others in terms of sports that are incredible to see the skill that seventy-year old's can maintain. Next, I think I will try to volunteer at Track and Field and Basketball and I hope I encounter some of the kind people I met this weekend.

Gave 4.50 hours on 03/30/2019 with Sport Management Minor
Peyton Brown

I helped referee games during the Senior Games this weekend. I was able to help make sure the games ran on time, while also helping referee various games throughout the day. It was well organized and I had a fun time working. I plan on going back to work very soon.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/30/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Sport Management (3308) - Section 1, Trinity University
Olivia Thomas

I volunteered at the Softball Texas Senior Games. I had somehow never heard of the Texas Senior Games before stumbling upon these volunteering event opportunities posted on GivePulse. It was really awesome to see so many seventy-year-old men who were still competitively playing on sports teams and staying not only physically fit, but engaged with the world of sports. Everyone there was extremely friendly and I talked to some of the guys who were playing and they told me how they had been "playing ball since college" and I thought it was really awesome to see how they had found new teams and new friends through continuing to incorporate sport into their lives. The three other women I volunteered with were also very friendly. One was a woman who graduated from Trinity in '78 and we had a great conversation about her experience being in ROTC when it existed, and how much she loved her time there and all the people she met. Her name was Pam and she was very interested to hear about my time at Trinity and how things had changed, but also what I loved about the University and how many of the things I think makes Trinity incredible aligned with her opinions.

In regards to actual volunteering experiences, there were only four teams and three volunteers along with two staff members. I stayed an extra hour and a half because the games were delayed over an hour since the teams were only playing on one softball field because they wouldn't rent out the other fields since there were only four teams total. There weren't many tasks to do except for help give teams fruit, occasionally chase balls that were hit out of the field in a home run, and sell t-shirts. The good part about not being too busy was that it did allow me to engage with the participants and the other two volunteers and the two women who worked for Texas Senior Games, which I really enjoyed. I got to watch the games and see how the level of competition really varied based on the teams. There was one team that was incredible and I was amazed that everyone on the team was seventy years or older because of their speed and strength. Overall, I had a good experience and look forward to my next event with Texas Senior Games.

Gave 5.00 hours on 03/29/2019 with Sport Management Minor