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Faubion Elementary School Food Pantry Hours

It was a little slow. There were 2 clients. Meredith (the lady in charge) said that very few people come to the Food Bank on Mondays. It was fun to watch the children after their school got out.

Gave 1.50 hours on 12/11/2017 with Concordia University - Portland

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Rebecca Farquhar

Rebecca @ ELS

I loved visiting with my ELS friend. She interviewed me for her homework afterwards.

Gave 6.00 hours on 06/10/2017 with Concordia University - Portland
Rebecca Farquhar

Rebecca @ Portland Community College ESL

I loved this opportunity! I worked with students on their writing, pronunciation and grammar. I've done this before, but I still enjoy it. I volunteered for different numbers of hours on different days. I worked with level 1.

Gave 13.00 hours between 05/09/2017 and 06/07/2017 with Concordia University - Portland
Rebecca Farquhar

Rebecca @ ELS

I LOVED this experience of chatting with the ELS students each week. I taught the students a few English idioms and helped a young lady write an outline in Ms. Fox's class. I assisted a student with her speaking and co-led a tour of the CU campus. I participated in an ELS potluck.

I recommend that the ELS instructors teach the students a bit more about parts of speech. I spoke with a girl in an ELS class who did not know what an adjective was.

Gave 11.50 hours between 05/09/2017 and 06/13/2017 with Concordia University - Portland